Church Brow Safety Study


Lancashire County Council have finished the safety study they promised us for Church Brow. Their key conclusion is the rather obvious point that cars should not go too fast round the bends in front of the church! They recommend a 20 mph speed limit for that section. The Parish Council don’t have a problem with the recommendation – the issue for us is whether all motorists will comply, or will it just be the ones which already drive at a sensible speed.

There is no real enforcement of existing 20 mph limits. It seems most motorists follow it where they agree with it, such as roads in residential areas and ignore it on wider roads running through a locality with fewer houses. Check out the road from the A6 through Hest Bank to the coast. Nineteen out of 20 cars travel closer to 30 mph or above. (What do you do on that stretch of road?!).

We pressed County Council on how it would be enforced but the answers weren’t convincing. The M6 link enquiry inspector also questioned closely on the point of enforcement so the next stage is to see what if anything he says in his report.

Meanwhile there are some safety aspects we could improve ourselves. It is noticeable that cars are often parked on the pavement at Church Brow. They generally leave enough room for a pedestrian to squeeze through, but not enough space for a pram. Forcing pedestrians onto the road seems like an unnecessary danger. The cars parked are presumably owned by residents or people visiting residents or the church. Parking on the pavement is of course illegal, but should we be asking these people to desist voluntarily?

Download H2M6 report