Ash Die-back


Most of us are pretty keen on trees in the village and we are well provided. Along the Lune there is almost continuous planting and Dale Wood is a significant area of trees. So anything that threatens our trees is a worry. The national press alerts us to the issue of ash die-back and the dire consequences for our wood land. We would like to minimise the risk of the disease getting established in Halton. But, we don’t know where the ash trees are. There are no records we know of that tell us what trees we have in public spaces. And there are certainly no records of trees on private land and gardens. Even worse, how many of us could reliably identify an ash tree.

The forestry commission have a useful explanation on their web site. It’s at It’s a bigger problem in the south east and new plantings at present. But there have been cases in the North West. If identified it is possible to stop or slow the spread by removing affected trees. So, we’d appreciate it if anyone who has concerns takes a look at the web site.

Wikipedia page on ash die-back.