Parish Council


Parish Councillors
Carol Slinger (Chair), 07810 356 929,
Barbara Duffy, 07738 002 038,
Bob Bauld (Vice Chair), 07941 133 121,
Brian Jefferson, 01524 811 837,
Karen Gibson, 07932 671 799,

Parish Clerk
Luke Mills, 07980 000 682,

Lancaster City Councillor
Paul Woodruff, 01524 811 770,

Lancashire County Councillor
Susie Charles, 01772 502 999, 07917 627 334,

Member of Parliament
David Morris (Morecambe and Lunesdale), 01524 841 225,

What is a Parish Council?
A Parish Council is a local authority that makes decisions on behalf of the people in the parish. It is the 1st tier of government closest to the community; the district authority (Lancaster City Council) is the 2nd tier, whilst Lancashire County Council is the 3rd tier.
Halton-with-Aughton Parish Council consists of up to 8 volunteer Parish Councillors, elected from the parish. Councillors may also be co-opted by the Council if vacancies exist.

What is the role of the Parish Council?
The Parish Council is consulted on matters which affect the people and environment within the boundaries of the Parish, including Planning applications. We have the power to provide certain services and facilities, which are paid for by an annual Precept which forms part of your Council Tax.

Parish Councils have limited powers to make decisions, but they do have the ability to negotiate with, and the power to influence, those other organisations that do make the final decisions, such as the city council, county council, highways, etc..

We provide certain services and facilities including the:
• allotments
• burial ground
• play areas at The Centre, St. Wilfrid’s Park, Schoolhouse Lane
• bus shelters
• sports field at The Centre

Why become a Parish Councillor?
We give some of our time and effort because we want be part of maintaining and improving the quality of life within the Parish. It is a great way to meet a wider network of local residents, become involved with parish activities and help influence decisions for the benefit of the parish.

How much time does it take up?
The Parish Council meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:15 at The Centre. Meetings usually last about 2 hours, depending on the agenda. Members of the public are encouraged to attend and each meeting where there is an opportunity to ask questions or raise issues.

How do I become a Councillor?
Feel free to contact an existing Parish Councillor, contact the Parish Clerk, or just come along to a Parish Council meeting.